Drawing – Diamond Jubilee window lights

Happy families window drawing inspired by the Diamond Jubilee

Yesterday I posted about an old game I used to play called happy families. I wanted to create a simple drawing from this based on the house illustration on the back.

When I started with this idea I kept drawing windows using continuos line. It was very simple but for some reason I was drawn to drawing the windows and not the whole house over  and over again. I also had the thought of adding different colours to each of them as I had drawn the windows layered over the top of each other.

It was odd then when I was watching the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert on Monday night and during one of the acts they lit up each of the palace windows in different colours! I saw it as a sign and continued on with my idea.

You can see my drawing above and (the only image I could find!) of what the palace looked like that night as well as well.

It was great to have such a long weekend and I loved all of the Jubilee celebrations. Even getting wet in Hyde Park to watch the parade on Tuesday. 🙂

Lighting up the windows on Buckingham Palace at the Diamond Jubilee concert

Image sources: Drawing by me.

Buckingham Palace via ITV news.

Colour inspiration for drawing via Creature Comforts colour inspiration daily 11.16.11


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