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Happy families

When I was young we used to play a lot of card games, from Rummy, Trumps, New Market, Misfits and Happy Families. When I went back to my gran’s recently I found all of the picture card games in the dresser draw where they have always been and brought them home with me.

One of my favourites of these games was Happy Families. The way we used to play it was by laying all of the cards face down and scattered on the floor. You then picked two cards at random and turned them over. The trick was to pick two cards from the same family. If you did you got to keep those cards and then you had to continue looking for the other two to complete the family set. Each family was made up of a mother, father, son and daughter, all with theme/trade they specialised in and colour that matched them together.

My trick was to try and remember where the colours were that I picked up as well as what my brother had picked up as well. Also as you may be able to see the cards were quite old (even ten years ago!) so I would try and remember the different creases, marks and tears on the back of them as well. (I like to win..)

The only downfall to this was the similar colours, like the light green for the Farming family and the dark green for the Tailor family!

I loved this game and it was so nice finding it again. My favourite family was the Postman’s family, but I think that was because it was pink!

Collect all the family members to make a set


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  • lucyando
    23/05/2016 at 13:05

    Hi there,

    The happy families set in your picture is identical to a set I had as a child, which was lost sometime in the mid 90s. I’ve been looking on and off for a set to buy to replace it, but haven’t come close to finding anything like this set. Do you still have the box it came in, or any other identifying features on the cards, that you could pass on to help me be more specific in my search? Such a great game, and this set has the best pictures for the characters I’ve ever seen.

    • Arnold and Bird
      31/05/2016 at 21:08

      Sorry, my Gran literally just has the cards so no box. They are great aren’t they. Best of luck in your search!