Family – The old pigeon lofts


As previously mentioned my grampy was a pigeon racer. My grandparents home was one of my favourute places to go when I was younger. As a child I will always remember our parents driving to their house, turning off the main road where we would pull up to the little stone cottages. Me and my brother would then get out and race down the track, past the vegetable plot and the abandoned pigsties to the paddock.

You could always be sure of finding Grampy sitting there, in front of his pigeon coops watching his trusty racing pigeons fly around in the sky.

Things have changed a bit now and those pigeon coops are not quite as good as they once were. I still love going down to the paddock however and looking around. There is always something new to see and it brings back able memories of when I was young.

One of the last times we went down there we found the tennis balls grampy used to save for us above the door frame of where he used to sit.


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  • Greg
    31/03/2015 at 11:41

    Great stuff love things like this. Great to see all the old tools of the trade from pigeon racing. The plastic bag on a stick to keep birds flying. The riddle for the corn etc etc looks like a gold mine for a pigeon racer like myself. loBe the old style lofts.