June WI meeting – real flower corsage

Patty and Bella created our workshop for our June WI meeting. They showed us how to create a real flower corsage. It was in patriotic colours of red, white and blue as it was just after the Jubilee. This meant it included a red rose, a blue thistle and a white chrysanthemum.

It was great to learn how to wire flowers so they stayed in position and how to use floristry tape to help this. I picked up a lot of little tips on how to do this as well as how then to position all of the flowers together to create a lovely corsage.

It was good to see that although everyone had the same flowers to create their corsage everyones looked quite different!

Patty also let us know about lots of useful flower tips including:

Cut the stem at an angle as well as splitting the stem upwards so it allows more water to be absorbed.

If you have no flower food include a small amount of sugar and a drop of bleach instead.

If the flowers heads have gone floppy wrap the flower in newspaper, put the tip in boiling water for a few minutes then cut again. This should rejuvenate the flower head.

Put a penny in the bottom of a tulip vase to stop them dropping.

Flowers hate fruit so keep it away from them!

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  • Tazeem
    10/07/2012 at 20:31

    Lovely corsage – esp the blue thistle! – and such useful tips for looking after flowers too. Thanks for sharing x