Curiosities of the week – Danielle Kroll

I came across Danielle Kroll’s beautiful illustrations and fell in love with them. They are beautiful. The illustration of the snap fasteners she did for Selvedge magazine just reminds me of my love for hooks & eyes and old snap fasteners, I mean how can you not love the old fashioned packaging!

She also illustrates what she has been wearing – how nice! I loved this outfit, the skirt looks super sweet. I love florals.

Image sources:

Fastener illustration via Danielle Kroll Blogspot

Fashion illustration of what I wore today via Danielle Kroll Blogspot

One of my goals this month is to do a bit of embroidery. Looking at Danielle’s work inspired me to get my materials out and I found an old packet of hooks & eyes below which I have. I also found an old small curtain that I am going to embroider over as well for fun. Let’s hope it goes well, it will be the first time in a while I have done any embroidery!

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