Curiosities of the week – fantasy

Curiosities of the week this week focuses on fantasy.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this and love the different images I have found so far. Here are a few of my favourites.

I love this fort made from a sheet under all of the hanging stars. It makes me want to curl up in it with a good book.

I loved swings when I was younger, and still do! My mum and dad regularly update the swing in their garden still for this purpose! I loved jumping from great heights.

Fairies in a jar; this is a DIY. I would love to try this and see how it turns out. Magic in a jar.

Clock in the sea with broken pieces flying from it. This image reminds me of Salvador Dali.

Image sources:

Sheet fort under the stars via Apartment Therapy

Little boy jumping from a swing via istockphoto

Fairies in a jar via Organised Chaos

Search to fade clock by Xetobyte

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