Curiosities of the week – Julia Eastwood

Julia Eastwood’s work is just beautiful. Look at it above!

Not only is her style of design so pretty but her ideas are brilliant. I love the wedding invite with where it all started on the front.

Then the wedding guest book that is a time capsule as well – how sweet is it to get your guests to fill in cards and place them in a jar to then go through after your big day?

Then for after the wedding; a stack of cards with lovely sentiments printed on the front so you can write on memories of the day as they come back to you. As Julia says – ‘In the days after I got married memories kept coming to me but I didn’t want to write them out of order in a notebook. So I wrote them on the cards and then when I felt I had all of my memories I bound them up and put them in my wedding keepsake box’

Also check out her illustrations as well, so beautiful. I particularly love image 2 of 9. The line and colour coming from the photo is stunning.

Image sources:

Wedding invite via Julia Eastwood on Etsy

Wedding guest book/time capsule via Julia Eastwood on Etsy

A gift of memories via Julia Eastwood on Etsy

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