The little details – Venice

I wanted to share some small details from my recent Italian trip, starting with Venice.

The first four photos come from St Mark’s Square. I was a bit obsessed with trying to get the rows of windows on the building that lined the square just in shot, in an angle that worked. This was one of my better attempts but I look forward to working on this for future photography outings.

These lights hung around the arches of the square, I like how they were simple but stood out.

The flood boards in the square for when the canals  overflow.

A light complete with pigeons near the Doge’s Palace.

The water getting high and coming up onto the streets of Venice. (Ok so this is a bit of a bigger detail but I like the photo!)

The bunches of chili’s from the market looked like bunches of flowers. They were so vibrant.

Lovers locks on a bridge in Venice. Such a romantic idea.

All of this make me want to return to Italy!

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