October WI meeting – Change as good as rest

In October’s WI meeting Gill Garside from Change as Good as a Rest was our guest to help us think about our personal development, confidence and positivity. Gill is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hynopsis. As a coach and therapist, she works with her clients to make life changes and facilitate their personal development.

Gill talked through many different things I noted down a few of the statements that stood out for me:

  • Trust your intuition and that feeling you have. This is your unconscious mind.
  • Positivity makes such a big change
  • Plan to get where you want to be
  • Your behaviour  is created by your thoughts which you put into action which creates cause and affect
  • Our unconscious mind is there to look after us as it loves us
  • If things are not working, change your strategy

I love this one, i think it is so true:

  • Having a positive energy radiates three meters around you

Gill made us do a few different activities. One was to write down our values in life as these are important to you as an individual and then rank these into importance.

We then had to wrote down one of our goals in life. She asked for a volunteer and I put myself up! She then taught me how to walk a goal line. The premise was to take as many steps as needed to achieve every part to reach your goal. After I had done this she then made me tap my hand to remember the feeling I had at the time. You can then do this anytime you want to recall that feeling to get your goal back on track. Also what was interesting was she asked me to step away from the place I was standing when I finished my goal line. I immediately wanted to be back where I was as it felt better there!

She also let us know about SMART which is used for goal setting:






It was a really inspiring talk and was great to learn about different therapies. I still need to put more of these practises into action but one step at a time.

Last thoughts:

  • You get what you focus on so focus on what you want
  • Move towards it positively!


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