Soundtrack – balloons

Balloons! Slight obsession and talking about these floaty, fun filled shapes at the moment. But… just look at these colourful balloons from BonBon Balloons! Filled with confetti, in bright colours and gorgeous confetti trails hanging below them, what is not to love?!

I also love this installation by William Forsythes called Scattered Crowd. I think it would be quite magical to walk through this, unfortunately this is currently in Frankfurt.

‘Thousand of white balloons, suspended in a billowing wash of sound; an air-borne landscape of relationship, of distance, of humans and emptiness, of coalescence and decision.’
Extract taken from the website.

So as today is also soundtrack day I found an 80’s classic – 99 red balloons by Nena, perfect! Especially seeing as I am an eighties baby as well.


Image sources:

Bonbon Balloons

William Forsythe

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