The little details – my bedroom

My bedroom is small, and when I say small I mean tiny! I have a double bed, just enough space to shuffle around it and storage over the bed and that is it.I can’t open my door fully and I have half a wardrobe but do you know what, I do like it. I must do, I have lived it it for over a year!

It has made me tidy and organised and also consider what I need. I have recycled and sent to charity so much stuff, stuff I would of held onto unnecessarily if I had more space. So for that I am happy, it makes me consider what I need and use in life that little bit more.

I thought I would share some of the little details of my room, starting off with the shelf above my bed. One half is dedicated to books – my design books on print, type and craft as well as a huge pile of notebooks that are untouched or half used – I love stationery, I am trying to get through them all! You can also see my Diana Lomography camera that my friend Gemma from Milly’s Cottage bought for my birthday this year as well as my bunny light from Also what room would not be complete without a cardboard ampersand?!

Then there is the first of three pin boards in my room. This one is just for inspiration, beautiful images and lovely cards friends and family have sent me. So many pieces on here are special to me, from the birthday card from my parents, the photo of my grand parents as well as my cousin’s new baby Isaac, to the Borovets ski pass where I went snowboarding earlier this year.

Then I have another pin board filled with all of my necklaces. I think this is the next thing I should organise more and cut down, but it is so good to have them hanging up clearly so I can see them easily.

These are just some of the small details of my room and the areas I love in it.

Images taken by me.

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