Creative – 12 month creative challenge

floral embroidery

One of my other goals for 2013 is to do something fun and creative each month for the whole of the year. I have many thoughts on what I can do for this and have included a list below I have thought of to kick start some inspiration.

Basically I want it to be fun and to continually  learn new skills and generally surround myself with pretty things!

As you can see for January I have started with some embroidery!

It was on my list to do for the end of 2012 for a while. I started in 2012 embroidering with cotton thread which did not have the same effect. I then went out bought embroidery  thread and continue it so it feels good I have started this month!

I have done bits of embroidery in the past but have leant from this that embroidery with the same piece of thread for a while becomes slightly frayed/less intact so affects the final result. I also need to root out my old (vintage!) embroidery book with different stitches and how to create them.

I have some more ideas around creative activities for 2013 that I have included below. I am looking forward to getting some ticked off my to do list!

Photography trip out taking photos of my surroundings

Embroidery – more of it!

Customising clothing

Testing out my book making skills I have learnt from previous workshops

Flower arranging

Make a collage or trying decoupage

Card making


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