Creative – 52 week drawing challenge, week two

girl looking out the window drawing

life drawing model

So last week I went life drawing which was my drawing number two of 52 week challenge.

I haven’t been life drawing for a while so was so nice to go again. Plus the teacher made us do lots of different tasks such as continuous line drawing, drawing with my left hand (I am right handed) as well as drawing with both hands at the same time.

It was really strange sensation but it was a lot more successful than I would’ve imagined! Plus it was really good experiments to try out to loosen up my drawing skills.

The first drawing was of a girl who was there to do life drawing, the model showed up late so she kindly volunteered to sit for 10 minutes!

The second is of a longer pose, about 20 minutes, I still ran out of time and it would of been good to finish it off more.

Overall as I haven’t done life drawing for a while I was happy!

Images taken by me.


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  • Julie Gould
    23/01/2013 at 21:57

    You are one busy girl Jo! Keep it up x