Curiosities of the week – DIY card making

concertina DIY card making

card making DIY

For Christmas this year I made my own cards. They were tiny and originally started out as an idea for a notebook, and overall did that not look that Christmassy, however I thought they were sweet!

I started by cutting paper into strips and and then folding a section up to create little pockets. This is why the original idea was for a notebook – it would work this way if you made them bigger.

I then attached the front and back of the card using a different colour and slightly heavier paper stock. I used PVA but Pritt Stick or double sided tape would also work.

I then decorated the front of the card using my punches and vintage music sheets. A ‘to, from’ stamp completed the back!

You can then use the little pockets in the card to write notes to be included for the recipient. Or if it is a notebook add sheets to use this for the pages, or store little keepsakes in them.

I want to use this method to make actual notebooks so will definitely make them bigger next time 🙂

Images taken by me.

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