DIY – Personalised family photograph votives

handmade DIY family photograph votives

For Mother’s Day my gift to my wonderful mum was these personalised family photograph votives.

My mum loves her family so much (and we love her!) that I knew she would like these. They are very simple but full of memories and also useful in the house as well.

I know my mum reads my blog so please look away now mum, as they well… they were super simple to make!

I bought glass tumblers from a shop (however jam jars or smaller votives if you can find them will also work.) I then found old and  photographs of our family and cropped them to the right size for the glass. These were about 8cm tall.

I applied the Rose Photoshop action in Photoshop to get all of the photos looking the same and with a more vintage look and feel to them. I like the way it kept the colour however made the overall look slightly more grey and aged. You can get this action, and three more, free from the amazing Alex Beadon by signing up to her newsletter here. I LOVE her Chatty Tuesday video’s – so inspiring!

After that it was a case of printing out the images and glueing them to the glass. I used Mod Podge but PVA would work. I only needed to glue the back as I thought I would have to seal it over the top, however it stuck really well and looked a lot cleaner this way.

A very simple but effective DIY that was perfect for Mother’s Day.

Image taken by me.

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