Family – Mother’s day afternoon tea

Mother's Day afternoon tea and scones

Mother's Day afternoon tea

So for Mothering Sunday this year I decided to surprise my mum with an afternoon tea at home for her, my gran and my dad. I had sent an afternoon tea invite in the post to her before to let her know what was to come.

On the day I set the table with vintage doilies my mum had, along with her best china, cutlery and got out lots of cake stands, platters and cut glass bowls to lay the food out on. I even made little pink flags with Mother’s Day messages and hearts on.

My dad kept complaining (before, after and during!) that there would not be enough food, even thought I made six different types of finger sandwiches, a massive victoria sponge, with fresh cream and raspberries, as well as fresh scones. (I very much recommend this scone recipe, they were delicious!) Also my dad isn’t mean, that is just his sense of humour, which is much like mine!

This was all topped off with plenty of tea, coffee (my mum’s drink of choice) and some pink fizz topped with raspberries and some cute straws from

My mum and gran loved it and it was so much fun to prepare, plan and enjoy on the day.


Thank you mum for always being there. I love you.

afternoon tea scones

afternoon tea postcard invitation

Images taken by me.

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  • ginapoet
    13/03/2013 at 02:39

    So fun!! Thanks for sharing with us . . .

    • Arnold and Bird
      14/03/2013 at 12:41

      Thanks Gina, was so nice to organise!