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Stuff I am likey to forget Bread and jam

Stay in touch correspondence kit Bread and Jam

Bread & Jam products are, by their own admission there ‘to put a smile on someone’s face’, and well they do just as they say!

Who doesn’t need a notebook with ‘Stuff I’m likely to forget’ on the cover? I know I do which is why it is currently in my basket waiting to be bought. I have seen a sample of one before and I can tell you the quality is brilliant, a really beautiful heavy sketchbook type notebook – one you don’t want to ruin by writing/doodling or drawing in – but I can’t wait to do just that.

Also these Stay in Touch correspondence cards are genius. My fave by far is the ‘Let’s run away and join a circus (bagsy juggling)’ – it is sure to bring a smile to anyones face, and make them consider seriously about doing just that as well.

I need to bring back more writing and posting letters in my life. It is the right thing to do to brighten up yours and the recipients day.

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