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Be determinedly curious and get creatively inspired by Arnold & Bird

Inspiration – it can wake you up in the middle of the night (useful but really not a great time), and sometimes it’s nowhere to be seen.

Creative motivation isn’t going to strike everyday, and working hard at staying energised by seeking out what excites you is key as an entrepreneur.

There are so many ways to stay inspired so I’ve compiled my top list of different ways you can stay ahead of the game. Make sure you pick one that stands out to you, do it and let me know how it goes!



  • Go to an exhibition
  • Visit trade, retail and craft shows
  • Pop ups – everything from a one-off to a local farmer’s market
  • Go on Pinterest (but only with a plan on what to research!)
  • Trend guides from marketplaces such as Etsy, notonthehighstreet.com and Folksy
  • Magazines (you can find digital versions on Issuu)
  • Blogs – follow your favourites on a reader like Bloglovin
Get creatively inspired by Arnold & Bird - exhibition
Get creatively inspired by Arnold & Bird - journaling

  • Guided meditations (find one that resonates with you on Youtube)
  • Put on your favourite song and dance around to loosen your body and mind!
  • Journal every day – wake up and do it first (Try The Artist’s Way or The Five Minute Journal)
  • Stand on a chair or in a different part of the room to get a different perspective on your work (instead of just sat at your desk)



  • Get out into nature or be by the sea
  • Leave the studio and work from a different space – try a coffee shop or the garden
  • Visit a historic site or architecture you love


Get creatively inspired by Arnold & Bird - comp shopping

  • Go comp shopping to see what your customer’s seeing, research the market and spot repeating themes between shops in products and visual merchandising
  • Sign up for newsletters from inspiring retailers you like
  • Create regular outings for your team which includes all staff members (even if it’s just you!) and go out for 1-2 hours to the local shops



  • Talk to people, particular early adopters and other innovative creatives
  • Collaborate with your best design pal, old uni friend, reach out to someone new or me – I love to talk!
  • Leave one genuine and heartfelt comment on someone’s social media. Could be someone you follow or search a #hashtag you like and comment on someone’s work who stood out
  • Join a business group or forum you feel inspired by (and doesn’t bring you down) – on or offline

Limit social media time so you don’t get sucked in

Get creatively inspired by Arnold & Bird - be social

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What’s your number one way to get inspired? Comment below or on Instagram as I’d love to hear!

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