Moody tropical – design

Tropical feather repeat surface pattern print design by Arnold & Bird - product development consultancy and design

Following on from the moody tropical research last week I’ve produced a few designs and paintings to reflect this trend.

The deep hues on the feather print is one of my favourite surface pattern designs. I love the colour combination of the dark teal with pops of yellow alongside the simple repeat. I would definitely want this printed onto any stationery products!

Tropical palm leaf painting with exotic animal print by Arnold & Bird - product development consultancy and design

Personally I love the idea of using animal skins as the patterns within other tropical motifs. When you think an illustration should be designed a certain way, you can create a totally different look by adding in a unique pattern to what is expected or accepted.

I’ve added snake scales to this tropical leaf to add texture and a point of difference. More definition on the pattern would be good to develop this further and create something with more impact.

Making a paper leaf bouquet that has pops of animal print in would an an unexpected twist to wedding styling, plus add a fun element to the day.

Tropical bird illustration painting by Arnold & Bird - product development consultancy and design

To add character and a new take on this trend I love the idea of using exotic animals mixed with leaves, tropical undergrowth and sunsets. It would be super cute for kiddos and tweens if the animals had a bit of personality. Plus it also works well for fashion and home accessories too.

This is my bird of paradise with swishy, bright feathers looking to nest somewhere pretty!

What’s your interpretation of this trend and would you use it? Let me know using #ArnoldandBird on Instagram.

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Photos and designs by Joanne Griffin.



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