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2017 highlights and what’s to come in 2018

Joanne Griffin - Arnold & Bird

2017 passed a few weeks ago and as 2018 is now officially in full swing I wanted to go over last years highlights and what’s to come this year.


2017 started with living in Milton Keynes, my new home town since moving out of London after 10 happy years. I was nervous to move to a place where I didn’t know anyone and would be working from home. However it’s been an experience that couldn’t have gone any better. I love the headspace of being outside of London (less time travelling, no dirty tube everyday and less external stress), but I’m only an hour away from a city that has my friends, inspiring museums and delicious places to eat. Working from home has had it’s challenges, mainly creating a new routine and ensuring I leave the house everyday, however I wouldn’t swap it now. Especially after spending five days in London for work over the Black Friday sale period – I was constantly exhausted!

Arnold & Bird - design and product development consultancy


Having the extra headspace and more time after cutting out my commute (from one hour to two seconds down the hall!), meant I had time to focus on my passions. Que the relaunch of my website Arnold & Bird with a shiny new brand, platform and blog! The website launched on the 9 May and focused on the product development consultancy I offer creative businesses, blog posts on trends, design and advice on developing your range as well as my surface pattern designs.

Product development consultancy presentationI got to work with lots of fantastic businesses who I knew from my time at working at – a big shout out and thank you for those wonderful people trusting in me and collaborating on awesome ideas together. I’m very grateful.

Moody Green Tropical Feather Surface Pattern rucksack by Arnold & Bird on Society6
Bohemian Pink Feathers Surface Pattern throw pillow by Arnold & Bird on Society6

Using my surface pattern designs I dipped my toe into products by uploading them onto Society6. A platform where artists upload their work, while they produce products such as rucksacks, travel mugs, leggings, clocks and duvets and deliver it to customers. I didn’t expect much from it so making sales was a huge thrill!

Drawing, painting, designing and learning to use an epic printer meant I also launched products I manufactured for the first time – something I’ve been dreaming of for over 10 years!! The initial range launched on Etsy on the 2 December and consists of paper placemats that act as alternative place name at your wedding or dinner party, as well as table numbers, names and plans. I’ve got designs for notepads, notebooks and prints too which are currently in progress for 2018 – yay!

Arnold & Bird happiness affirmation quote

I was lucky enough to go back to Bali in August 2017 for an amazing, intensive, at times hard, but overall rewarding therapy retreat. This was my second time experiencing therapy, and although it can be hard to identify my feelings, the last year has been transformational for me. Understanding my triggers and fears has really helped me creatively. One thing to strive to remember is that little voice in your head than is never helpful and often critical (call it the chimp, inner critic or saboteur) – that’s not you! And it’s always good to talk.

Joanne Griffin - living a creative life through therapy -Arnold & Bird

So what’s in store for 2018? Below are some of my intentions, both professional and personal:

  • Focusing on Arnold & Bird full time! I’ve left my job to give my brand it’s full attention as this has been a goal of mine for over 10 years.
  • Give myself and others more kindness and compassion, and to believe in my capabilities.
  • Bring out the inner star in myself and others. I’m contemplating a podcast alongside the blog.
  • More designs, drawings and products.
  • To write in my gratitude journal daily – a practise I’ve been loving so far.
  • Weekly yoga, both kundalini and flow.
  • To cultivate curiosity everyday.


That’s my 2018 plans. Have you set any intentions for this year? I’d love to hear them

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