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Decorative feathers – design

Decorative feather trend design - Arnold & Bird

In the last post we dived into the feather trend for inspiration and started exploring how this theme can be applied in different ways.

Today I’m sharing a little bit of my interpretation – from initial sketches to final designs:

Feather drawings - Arnold & Bird

Moody blue feather surface pattern design repeat

Navajo feather circle repeat surface pattern design

Want to see more feathery designs? Hop over to my surface pattern portfolio!

So tell me… what’s your take on this theme and how would you interpret it into your work? Leave me a comment below or tag your interpretation on social media with #ArnoldAndBirdTrends. You can find me @arnoldandbird on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Can’t wait to see your feathered designs!

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Drawing – pencil sketch of an eye

pencil eye drawing

This weekend I did a 20 minute sketch of an eye. It’s been a while since I sketched so was really pleased with the outcome.

It was fun to put pencil to paper – I have been wanting to do it for so long and although I didn’t have much time that day I just knew to take 20 minutes from my day would be nothing. Plus it felt great to achieve this.

Image by me.


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Creative – Dr Sketchy drawing

Dr Sketchy burlesque life drawing

I have been to Dr Sketchy’s three times now and it is always so much fun. Life drawing combined with burlesque – mental but it works!

I have been lax with my 52 week challenge (two months off, pretty bad actually) so maybe it will now be a 44 week challenge instead..

Dr Sketchy’s was a good way to get back into it plus wine did seem to help the drawing. This sketch above won a runners up prize as one of the performers favorites! Bonus.


Creative – 52 week drawing challenge, week two

girl looking out the window drawing

life drawing model

So last week I went life drawing which was my drawing number two of 52 week challenge.

I haven’t been life drawing for a while so was so nice to go again. Plus the teacher made us do lots of different tasks such as continuous line drawing, drawing with my left hand (I am right handed) as well as drawing with both hands at the same time.

It was really strange sensation but it was a lot more successful than I would’ve imagined! Plus it was really good experiments to try out to loosen up my drawing skills.

The first drawing was of a girl who was there to do life drawing, the model showed up late so she kindly volunteered to sit for 10 minutes!

The second is of a longer pose, about 20 minutes, I still ran out of time and it would of been good to finish it off more.

Overall as I haven’t done life drawing for a while I was happy!

Images taken by me.


Creative – 52 week drawing challenge, week one

feather pencil drawing

One of my goals for 2013 is to take on a 52 week drawing challenge – essentially a drawing a week for the whole year!

My first one was last week. I knew when I undertook this challenge that I could not be hard on myself, some weeks my drawings would be terrible but that would be ok. I would accept it and move onto the next week. The main point was I haven’t drawn for ages and just want to get back into, put no pressure on myself and draw for fun.

I loved the first week, I started one night and spent a few hours drawing the feather above, and I loved it. I really enjoyed the experience and loved the outcome. SO much better than what I thought it would be.

So I was very happy.

Feather image taken by me.

Feather drawn from Wikimedia Commons


Drawing – Diamond Jubilee window lights

Happy families window drawing inspired by the Diamond Jubilee

Yesterday I posted about an old game I used to play called happy families. I wanted to create a simple drawing from this based on the house illustration on the back.

When I started with this idea I kept drawing windows using continuos line. It was very simple but for some reason I was drawn to drawing the windows and not the whole house over  and over again. I also had the thought of adding different colours to each of them as I had drawn the windows layered over the top of each other.

It was odd then when I was watching the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert on Monday night and during one of the acts they lit up each of the palace windows in different colours! I saw it as a sign and continued on with my idea.

You can see my drawing above and (the only image I could find!) of what the palace looked like that night as well as well.

It was great to have such a long weekend and I loved all of the Jubilee celebrations. Even getting wet in Hyde Park to watch the parade on Tuesday. 🙂

Lighting up the windows on Buckingham Palace at the Diamond Jubilee concert

Image sources: Drawing by me.

Buckingham Palace via ITV news.

Colour inspiration for drawing via Creature Comforts colour inspiration daily 11.16.11


Creative – my love list

My love list

I have started a scrap booking course that I found through one of my favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess. It is an e-course which allows you to art journal all year with 52 different projects. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and be a little extra inspiration through out the year.

This is one of my first attempts – my love list! I loved this page from an old Elle Decoration magazine as it was a fabric selection that I wrote my list on. It was nice to document little and big things that I love it life.

Image: taken by me on Instagram.

Art journal all year e-course via Red Velvet shop.