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Mood board – Christmas decorations

Holidays are coming! Yes the Cocoa Cola advert is here, it is November and Christmas is well on it’s way. So I have created a mood board of some of my favourite Christmas decoration ideas.

I made decorations for my house last year and I can’t wait to do it again this year. I am going to create some new christmas paper bunting to literally spell out that it is Christmas as well as a new wreath. I also love the branch with baubles on, perfect for my small flat and for something a bit different.

Also how cute is the advent calendar, what a treat to have presents all wrapped up for each day!

For image sources and more inspiration – below is where I found these beautiful ideas and products:

1. Present advent via Englemor 2. Antlers with baubles via Beeld Steil 3. Porcelain key decorations via 4. Xmas paper bunting via Likainen Parketti 5. Branch with baubles via Dottie Angel 6. Wooden tree via Freshome 7. Candy cane wrapping via Katherine Maries 8. Felt ball garland via 9. Paper doily wreath via Martha Stewart


Mood board – Mr Brainwash

I have been a bit slow getting the details from the brilliant Mr Brainwash exhibition up on the blog. However I have now put together a mood board of all of the pieces I love, along with a few more below as well.

I love the prints, they looked like screen prints however the details was beautifully done in a painted style. The addition of pops of colour works so well in the pieces as well.

The show is open again now so go and see it! It is free and such a great exhibition.


Mood board – Italian signs

I was (slightly obsessed) with taking photos in Venice and Rome of all of the signs they had. From the street signs (loved all of these) to signs for shops, door numbers, on buildings… The list goes on.

While I was in Italy I felt it would be a perfect material to create a mood board from all of the signs I had photographed.

A few of the ones I love –  the Gheto Vechio sign, it had a scruffy looking pigeon underneath it. Also the Via Della Croce was the street we stayed on in Rome. I love the light as well and how it is illuminated.

I hope you enjoy the small details as much as I did.


Mood boards – feathers and fashion

Feathers – illustrations, beauty and fashion, all mixed together to create beautiful products, looks and images.

This mood board was inspired by the Light as a Feather print by lovelysweetwilliam on Etsy. It is beautifully done and such a nice sentiment as well.

This led me to look at more feather illustrations and also opened up the fashion and beauty aspect as well. I love how it all works together.

This is by far my favourite mood board so far 🙂

Image sources:

1. Feather eyelashes via foxxycleopatra 2. Turkey feathers print by amberalander on Etsy 3. Feather print via Well Dressed for the Apocalypse  4. Feather fashion shot via Treasure Dress 5. Feather headdress via Wicked Jealous 6. Light as  feather print by lovelysweetwilliam on Etsy 7. Feathers via Julie Digs Design 8. Feather eyelashes via

Background image: Surface//philia via Rachael Taylor’s design blog


Mood board – merci


Merci, Danke sehr, Gracias, Thank you.

You have to be thankful for life and I am right now. Here is a selection of thanks in French.

I love the car number plate however the merci text on the photo postcards is so nice, simple but effective.


1. Merci plaques from Jules Vernacular 2. Merci car number plate from The Sickles family 3. Merci Mon Ami from Merci Mon Ami bistro 4. Merci cards from Fleaing France 5. Multilingual cards from Belle Photo on 6. Merci board from Fashion the Thessity 7. Mini cards from Yeehaw on Etsy.


Mood board – pallets

A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies.

Ahh pallets, you find them on the street abandoned and just look at all of the different uses there are for them!

I think they work particularly well in the garden and make great planters. I don’t currently have any in my garden but I do have a wheelbarrow with herbs growing in it and also lots of potatoes, onions and flowers growing from bulbs as well. Alot of these are growing in balsa wood fruit and vegetable boxes. I can’t wait to see what they produce when they are ready.

When I am ‘grown up’ and have my own home, I can’t wait to try out a few more of these ideas.


1. Dumpaday 2. Design Sponge 3. A Simple Kind of Life 4. Mint Love Social Club 5. 6. 7. Dumpaday


Mood board – hessian sacks

Hessian or burlap in the US, is a woven fabric usually made from skin of the jute plant.

Hessian sacks – I LOVE them! Hence why I have  created a whole mood board dedicated to them. I think it is the combination of the fabric and the different details printed onto them, plus the fact they can be used in so many ways and personally I just think they look really good.

I love them in the home and I bought a couple in Brighton last year. Now I just need to decide what to make with them? A creative project for me this summer, however I think I will team them with pallets to create outdoor seating. More on my love of pallets to come soon..

For now my favourite way to use them on this mood board is the headboard.


1. Coffee bean bag via Design Fetish. 2. Headboard via Canadian House & Home. 3. Ottoman via Hudson Goods. 4. Cube via Ballard Designs. 5. Personalised tinder sack, Harrow and Green via 6. Weekender bag, E-side via 7. Hanging sacks via Clive Tompsett photographer.


Welcome to Arnold and Bird

Hello. How exciting, my first official blog post out to the world wide web. Arnold and Bird was born out a desire to stay creative and document my inspirations. I LOVE blogs and am continually inspired by them so I am thoroughly excited to now be blogging myself.

Design will be at the centre of my blog. This will draw from different curiosities I find and also create myself in the form of drawings and mood boards. Curiosities happens to be one of my favourite words and I love how it describes an interesting and unusual object whilst the word evokes intrigue as to what that object will be. All of this will be underpinned by a weekly soundtrack of some of my favourite songs.

My blog name comes from my grandparents so I will also be including a bit of family history along the way as well.

To get started, my first curated mood board.

Lace and glitter – so pretty and feminine and creates such beautiful detailing. These are a few of my selections that I love at the moment.


Love Joanne, x

Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand.


1. Jacqueline @ HOME. 2. Antonio Beradi spring 2012 collection via The Terrier and The Lobster. 3. Stella Forest collection via Being Loving Doing. 4. A detail from the Marchesa F/W 2011 collection, New York via Purple Diary. 5. Skull Dress from Premonition at StyleCloset. 6. Intermix’s holiday look book (no longer online) via A Piece of Toast.