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Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour products on Society6

Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour clock by Arnold & Bird on Society6

A new product range has launched on Society6 by Arnold & Bird and it’s millennial pink & grey – two of the hottest colours around right now!

Pink has been trending for years now, remember when rose gold jewellery started becoming popular in 2013? This was a big catalyst for pink emerging in fashion and the home as well.

Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour iPad case by Arnold & Bird on Society6

Pink is overwhelmingly associated as being a girls colour due to its feminine connection. However pink goes so well with white, black and grey and adds a warm and positive feel to products. It’s time to ditch the gender stereotypes when it comes to colour and for girls, boys, men and women to embrace every hue on the colour wheel.

If you’re tentative about trying millennial pink, or any shade of pink, then adding an accessory like a mug into your home or an iPhone case is a small and easy way of testing to see if you like the colour. A small accent such as this is also an inexpensive way of trialling new designs in your life. Plus matching pink accessories with materials such as copper or rose gold is a great way to mix and match different tones and styles of pink.

Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour Mug by Arnold & Bird on Society6
Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour Sticker by Arnold & Bird on Society6

The millennial pink and grey painterly watercolour range was originally an acrylic painting that I digitally altered. You can find it on tech cases, pillows, rucksacks, mugs, stickers, clocks and shower curtains on Society6.

Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour rucksack by Arnold & Bird on Society6
Millennial Pink & Grey Watercolour iPhone Case by Arnold & Bird on Society6

Have you embraced millennial pink, and if so in what way? Or is this colour really not showing up on your personal colour chart anytime soon? I’d love to hear!

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Image sources: Arnold & Bird product range by Joanne Griffin on Society6

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